Proposed Projects


The Grand Cane Water System Board of Directors has agreed to submit a State of Louisiana Water Sector Application for Federal grant funds for improvements to the systems infrastructure.

These improvements may include:
A new water well- estimated cost $500,000
New Booster Station with pump house, booster pumps, and controls- estimated cost $450,000
Booster station control telemetry and alarm upgrade- estimated cost $50,000
Water line improvements and gate valve replacement- estimated cost $300,000
Estimated Total- $1,300,000

The State of Louisiana Water Sector Program has special incentives for water systems that consolidate. If Grand Cane Water System borrowed the $1,300,000, the debt service for our 220 members would require a rate increase of $37/month. By consolidating with Keatchie Water System, the Grand Cane Water System proposed improvements would be paid for by Federal grant funds. The consolidation project would have a much higher probability of being funded based on the Water Sector Program’s scoring criteria.

As a part of the application, the Grand Cane Water System proposes to consolidate operations and management with the Keatchie Water System to form a new larger water system. The new water system will have board members from both Grand Cane and Keatchie water systems. Grand Cane Water System currently has 220 water meters. Keatchie Water System currently has 1100 water meters. The new combined water system will have 1320 meters. Being a part of a larger water district will provide Grand Cane Water System an economy of scale that allows us to maintain reasonable water rates and provide safe drinking water as the costs and regulations of operating a water system continue to increase.

Although the final design of the consolidated system is not completed, the preliminary design includes drilling a new well in Grand Cane to supplement the two wells we have. Well #1 was drilled in 1974, and well #2 in 1981. Drilling a third well in before one of the forty-plus year-old wells fails is a top priority in the project. When the consolidation project is complete, Grand Cane Water System members would continue to be supplied drinking water from Grand Cane.

Please join us Tuesday, August 9, 2022 - 6:00pm at Grand Cane Baptist Church for a second round of discussions on this potential merger. Voting will take place on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 - 6:00pm at Grand Cane Baptist Church. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact John Franklin, President of Grand Cane Water System at 318- 871-7280 or Kenneth Crocker, Vice President of Grand Cane Water System at 318-469-1914.