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Please join us Thursday, July 27, 2023 - 6:30pm at Grand Cane Baptist Church Gym for a special called merger meeting. At this Special Called Meeting, the agenda will include a vote of members for the adoption of a merger of Grand Cane Water System, Inc. into KEATCHIE Water System, Inc.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact John Franklin, President of Grand Cane Water System at 318- 871-7280 or Kenneth Crocker, Vice President of Grand Cane Water System at 318-469-1914.

This is a very important meeting for the future of your water system and we would strongly encourage your
attendance and participation. If you cannot attend, a proxy has been added to the "forms & reports" tab for your convenience.

The Officers and Directors of both systems have been in contact for some time and your Board has
unanimously approved a resolution to consummate the merger, pending a positive vote of the Membership at the
annual meeting.

Why should you vote for merger: The expense of operating and maintaining a water system has grown at
an alarming rate over the last three years and the Board strongly believes that the increasing cost of operating an aging
system, facing significant expenses for repairs and maintenance, will rapidly overwhelm our current water revenue.
Should GRAND CANE be merged into KEATCHIE, the surviving company will have more resources and be better
suited to meet the long-term financial demands of our system. A merger with KEATCHIE would provide for the
sustainment of the water system, facilitating the long-range goal of providing quality water services to our members.

As part of the ARPA funding which was distributed to the State of Louisiana, the Water Sector
Program has provided grants to water systems which consolidate, as a means to increase membership and
strengthen the ability of the water system to maintain its infrastructure in the future.

The WSP has approved construction grant funds to facilitate the merging of Keatchie and Grand Cane
water systems and to upgrade the facilities for supply, storage, and distribution. These funds will construct a new
booster station with new Ground Storage Tank, one new water well to supplement the wells that are 42 and 49
years old, new water gate valves and water meters, and two new emergency standby generators.

The Board of Directors has unanimously recommended the adoption and approval of the proposed merger.
Dissenting shareholders who comply with the procedural requirements of the non-profit corporation law of Louisiana
will be entitled to receive payment of the fair cash value of their shares if the merger is effected upon approval by less
than 2/3rds of the corporation’s total voting power. It is the intent of the Board of GRAND CANE to pay all of the
debts and obligations of GRAND CANE from existing funds on-hand. Membership fees will transfer to KEATCHIE
with the merger to function as your deposit. It is anticipated that after the completion of the additional projects, repairs
and maintenance, and after the payment of all debts and obligations and after the transfer of membership fees to
KEATCHIE, that there would be no positive “fair cash value” of any of the shares owned by a member.

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